Thursday, October 17, 2013

It's all in front of us now...

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Distance covered this week: 9.66km

Distance to cover tomorrow 21.09km or 13 miles (oh pants).

Current temperature: 30C. Humph, not as cool as I would like...

Just a quick blog today to say thanks for everyone who has sponsored us. It means a huge amount to me, him indoors, and me Ma, who has demonstrated some serious guts in the way she's dealt with her Myeloma.

Your support really has kept us going through the training. I can't quite believe that race day is tomorrow. If you fancy waving us through the finish, I reckon him indoors will finish between 7.45am and 8am, cos he's quite good at this running lark, while I hope to be done by 8.30am, but would like to get in at 8.15am, at Emirates Golf Club. If that's all a bit early, come to the pub with us for burgers and beer! We haven't had a drink for a whole week. Never let it be said that we're not taking this running business seriously....

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