Saturday, September 28, 2013

We've been tango'd

Temperature at start: a chilly 29C

Temperature at finish: 40ishC forgot to check immediately. Flippin' hot.

Distance covered yesterday: 18.37km in 2hrs 17mins

Distance covered this week: 32.93km

Today's orange pic: Us idioting around next to the Burj Khalifa last weekend, wearing our attractive screaming orange Myeloma UK running vests. You will notice there is a sunset vibe about the pic, because, it was too frickin' hot to go out and do this in the heat of the day. You also will notice the pics are taken from far, far, away, because we tried close-ups, and as well as hot, it was revoltingly humid, so, while I've tried to upload them but every time I do so, my mouse hand goes into spasms and just refuses to do it because we look ruddy awful.

We managed yesterday's 11mile run with the Dubai Creek Striders reasonably well. Well, I say, reasonably well, we were still completely b***oxed afterwards and had to lie in bed and watch three episodes of Breaking Bad in order to recover. But, joy of joys, oh frabjous day, calloo callay, the temperature felt not exactly cool at a balmy 29C but comfortablish when we got in the car at about 5.40am to go to meet our running chums at the car park near the Financial Centre Novotel.

The Dubai Creek Striders chiefs were also kind to us by picking a route that was particularly shady, taking in Zabeel, then along the main road for a bit before looping under Garhoud Bridge around Creek Park, through Karama and back to Financial Centre again. One of the things I have enjoyed about joining the Striders is that as many of them have been running in the Emirate for a long time, they know the best routes. Arriving in this sprawling car-clogged place for the first time, such is the prevalence of multi-lane highways, it can be pretty intimidating setting out anywhere on foot, but, in the past three weeks I have been shown all manner of underpasses, foot bridges, and pedestrian friendly cut-throughs that I had no idea existed.

I have been blithely telling you in this series of running blogs that I'm so incredibly fit now (roll on the floor laughing, why don't you?) that while I used to find that it was aches and pains in my legs that stopped me, it's now the heat that slows me down. Well, it was still pretty hot after 7.30am yesterday, and, it's true that I found the first 10km, perhaps not easy, but not horribly difficult, and managed not to have to walk until the 15km mark. Unfortunately, after that point, my legs, particularly the part just above my knees, were feeling really rather unnecessary. In fact, I would say they were hurting. A certain large sportswear conglomerate coach I know is always saying that it's not the effort that it takes to run the race you should be worried about, it's the recovery time afterwards, and that's what I am telling myself today. Because, although my legs and back are a bit stiff, I don't actually feel too bad, and am not totally horrified about the impending 12mile run, our final long training run, which is ahead of us on October 4th. As long as I download plenty of Radio 4 podcasts for my iPod, I am sure it will be fine.

Before you wet yourselves laughing at the rest of our bright orange vest pics below, I would like to say thanks again to those of you who have so generously sponsored us. It means a heck of a lot to me that so many of you have been kind enough to donate. I never even dreamt that we would reach the 1,000pound mark so long before the event itself. In light of that, and the fact that I have another small fundraising event planned, I have increased our target. So, if you haven't sponsored us yet, and wish to do so, please click here. If you haven't sponsored us yet, I would like to say: "Look, it's us, wearing fluorescent orange, and running, in temperatures of 30-40C! It's completely out of character! Sponsor us!"

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