Friday, June 21, 2013

Myeloma Awareness Week

Myeloma Awareness Week starts today, Friday 21st June, and as some of you will know already, him indoors and I are raising money for Myeloma UK by running a half marathon in Dubai on 18th October.

Here is our running kit:

The reason we're doing it is because my mum has Myeloma. The chances are, you won't know what it is unless you know someone who has it, so click here for a short film by Myeloma UK that explains it a lot better than I can. If you want to sponsor us, you can click here for our fundraising page.

Running chat is tedious beyond belief for people who aren't into it, but for those of you who like to pound the pavements, in case you're wondering, yes, it is rather hot to be training for a half marathon here in Dubai at this time of year. We went out this morning, and were at Safa Park Running Track by 6.40am with a plan to try to do 9km (we need to be running a bare minimum of 13km per week at this stage to be ready on time for October 18th) but we managed two circuits rather than the three required for that distance because it got somewhat too hot (it was 30degrees when we left the house, about 40ish by the time we got back). Today was the longest day of the year, so in theory, the sun being less high in the sky from now on should mean it's a bit cooler in the mornings, but we suspect we're going to have to get up about 5.30am, possibly 5am, to get a decent run in first thing in future. This isn't as desperate as it sounds as the race itself starts at 6am so it's good to be used to it.

A bit more about why I, and indeed him indoors, who has been roped into doing it without a single protest, are doing it. Well, when Mum got diagnosed just before Christmas 2009, it was one of the few times in my life I've felt truly helpless. The 1,000pounds we hope to raise isn't much in the scheme of things, I know, but if one person from the family of every new Myeloma patient (that's 4,000 per year in the UK by the way) does the same thing, that's got to make a difference, hasn't it?

If that is not enough to convince you, if you donate, I will post delicious pictures of us in our screaming orange Myeloma UK running shirts some time soon. Who wouldn't want to see that?

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