Sunday, July 22, 2012

Justice For Natalie

You hear about freak accidents from time to time but it's easy to forget that what takes most of us a few seconds to read about in the newspaper, raise our eyebrows at, and move on, can be something that has changed the course of someone's life forever.

This lady has been the subject of a four-year court battle after she was hit on the head by a falling beam at the Emirates Palace Hotel in 2008. What was meant to be a happy weekend celebrating her engagement has led to countless weeks in intensive care, thousands of dirhams of medical bills and an uncertain future.

The courts have found in her favour twice, but, the hotel group has appealed and the case is due back in court yet again next month. Meanwhile, Natalie has recently been in hospital in a medically induced coma and her need for specialist Neurological care becomes ever more urgent. She is now back at home but there is no knowing when she may become very ill again.

You can read about Natalie, here or watch this video about what happened to her.

There is also a petition you can sign.

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