Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I should think so too

I'm a liberal sort of gal and I generally think the introduction of new laws has a negative effect on society, my view being we humans are intelligent beings and should be able to take responsibility for our actions without the need for judicial laws to keep us in line. That is one of the reasons I get so hot and bothered about the potential UAE dress code as I think  people shouldn't need to be told to dress in a manner that won't offend or upset others, they should want to do that in order to show consideration.

However, despite the fact that I strongly feel that people shouldn't need to be told by the law that leaving a child in a boiling hot car for any period of time in one of the hottest places on earth is a bad idea, I found myself nodding in approval in the manner of a rabid old back bench MP at PMQs when I read this story in The National. 

"Phew", I thought, "about time," as I was particularly horrified by the way the police seemed to imply they would not be investigating the circumstances of two child deaths in the space of a week as no one had reported it as a criminal matter. If there is a law saying it is illegal to leave your child alone in a boiling hot car, they will have no choice but to investigate.

Now, perhaps they can look at doing something about all the pillocks who drive around with their small children on their laps with no child car seats, seat belts or anything.

Remember the fuss that was made when Britney Spears was photographed driving around with one of her small children on her lap? Well, that's par for the course in the UAE.


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