Saturday, March 3, 2012

Sand Witch's tips for a burkini body

You may remember that last year Nigella Lawson got a lot of flak for wearing what the papers like to describe as a burkini on the beach in Australia. Who knows why Nigella wore the burkini? Was it 1. She didn't want paps snapping pics of her larger than size zero and therefore 'scandalous figure'. 2. Worried about skin cancer as she has beautiful youthful looking alabaster skin and perhaps either doesn't tan well or wants to keep it that way. 3. It was a bit nippy, or perhaps, 4. She's a free citizen of a free country and can do what the **** she likes.

Anyway. Some speculated at the time as to where she bought it. I can confirm that these garments are on sale in The Dubai Mall should you wish me to purchase one for you if the bikini diet isn't going too well and you have an urge to 'do a Nigella' during your summer sojourn to sunny climes.

I am pretty sure it's a swimsuit not a general workout suit as the mannequin is wearing goggles. I haven't seen anyone wearing them on the beaches of Dubai or at the swimming pools but I have seen fully dressed women in their head scarves and robes walking into the sea up to their waists to paddle with their families. There are women only days at the beaches here so perhaps such things are more commonplace then, although, perhaps the women only aspect would negate the need for a burkini in the first place. I have never been to the beach on a women only day because the Sand Warlock's drag act sure ain't as convincing as it used to be.

I have been thinking about women who choose to cover themselves playing sports a bit recently partly because of this story about the debate surrounding women's ability to play sport in Saudi Arabia and compete in the Olympics for their country and because International Football Association Board has just voted to lift a ban on women players wearing hijabs.

I can't speak with any authority about what is going on in Saudi Arabia, obviously, but there are a couple of women who wear hijabs, trousers and long-sleeved shirts who attend my running club from time to time and no one bats an eye lid. Another reason it has been on my mind a bit is my own musings about what I am going to wear to go running once the weather starts really heating up. Although it is a chilly 19 degrees today, it was much warmer than that as well as muggy and humid at Friday morning's session so my gear, some of which was bought for trolling around Ealing's Gunnersbury Park on chilly mornings, is not going to cut it any more. It's a tricky balance between wearing something practical and the very, very slight risk that someone will be offended if your clothing is deemed 'immodest'.  

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