Monday, September 5, 2011

Have fun down at the "beeeeeeep" garden

Oh how I chuckled listening to Dubai 92 this morning on the way to pick the other half up from work.

And not just at presenter Geordie Bird's "interview from hell" with Liam Gallagher (we've all been there, peeps, I still get palpitations when I hear the admittedly slightly less rock and roll name "Lionel Blair").

No, what made me chortle was at a commercial for the Red Lion at the Metropolitan Hotel's "beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep" garden.

That's right, you're not allowed to mention the word "beer" on air in case you cause offence.  For the same reason, you'll see adverts that mention wine worded as "grape based beverages" or beer as "hop".

To prove that my life doesn't solely revolve around booze-related amusements, although, that's a large part of it what with it being the Sand Warlock's job, I'll tell you what else I've been up to today.

I will now have to revise my mantra of "no, we don't get free samples because the watches cost thousands" when I tell people that one of my current occupations, apart from Jumeirah Jane, self-facilitating media node and general pain in the jacksie, is writing about Swiss watches.

This being because I met the brains behind this up and coming brand today at the not at all sycophantically named One and Only Royal Mirage Palace Hotel and he was kind enough to give me one of his watches.  No, it's not worth thousands but it's safe to say that these watches cost far more than him indoors or I would ever spend on one.

Unluckily for me it's a bit too heavy for me to wear so I'm going to give it to the Sand Warlock when he emerges from his day time sleep as long as he promises not to lose it.  That should cheer him up about being on night shifts and you lot get to find out before he does. Isn't that exciting? Cor Blimey the miracles of the modern age.

Here is my not very good picture of it that I took on my phone in the car:

I won't pass judgement on the One and Only Royal Mirage Palace Hotel because I only had the mineral water today but this picture of one of the courtyards will probably give you the beginnings of an idea of what it's like.

   Yes, those are gold camels with gold Arabs on their backs.  There's one thing you can say for Dubai and that's that it's pure class...

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