Sunday, July 17, 2011

It's July in Dubai so get your warm clothes out

I haven't gone mad but since the temperature has crept above 40degrees (46 today, 45 tomorrow and 41 on Tuesday) I've had to get the warm clothes out.  The reason being that our block's air conditioning seems to have been cranked right up to cope with the heat.

It's particularly a problem in the late evenings. The humidity ratchets right up after dark has fallen meaning that it still feels incredibly hot even though the temperature's probably dropped a bit. The air con seems to respond to the humidity outside rather than the heat so it keeps on pumping deep freeze into the flat. The other night I had to put on trousers, jumper and pashmina to keep warm.  I also put on socks for the first time since I came here other than when going for a run or at the gym.

I resorted to opening the patio door wide this morning to let some warmth in.  The heat is such that when you stand in front of the open door, it's a bit like being in front of an open oven.  A very odd feeling indeed.  At least the sand storms seem to have stopped for now.  There was a period last week when I felt like I was in Lawrence of Arabia because of the grains of sand blowing into my eyes when I nipped out for a pint of milk.

Maybe that's why some of the women here favour the transluscent, completely covering, black veils over the niqab face coverings which have a slit which leave the eyes exposed.

Still, at least I've got Ramadan to look forward to. Thankfully, it starts the day after my birthday this year.  There have already been warnings in the newspapers that people seen eating or drinking in public during fasting hours will be given a first warning and if they are caught again, they will be prosecuted.  My plan is to stay indoors and out of the way of all that, which is pretty much what I've been doing since the hot weather started anyway.

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