Saturday, May 21, 2011


I came across these chaps doing some fancy work with ropes the other day.

Unfortunately I missed it but they were doing something which involved climing up this building:

I would like to think there is some kind of specialist training for all the people that need to climb up the outside of various skyscrapers but knowing Dubai, there probably isn't. They probably just factor the cost of people plunging to their deaths into their construction budgets.  Rather them than me as living in this forest of skyscrapers has taught me that I have quite bad vertigo.  I never really had that much cause to be more than five floors up before so it's not something I thought about. Despite the vertigo, I have started to become a connoisseur of skyscrapers.

This one that was being climbed is actually one of my favourites because it looks like a big vertical boat half buried in the ground:

There really are some bonkers looking ones with random spherical features, ones that look a bit twisty, ones that look like cheese graters, ones that look like transformers and ones with shards of glass apparently shooting off them at regular intervals.  These big glass towers are obviously totally impractical in this climate because they are effectively giant greenhouses that the air con has to work much harder to keep cool, but this is the land of penis envy so the taller and shinier the better.

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