Monday, May 23, 2011

Sisters risk a whipping if they do it for themselves

Facebook is a wonderful thing. You can probably tell from my regular presence on there that I'm quite fond of it, particularly since I came to Dubai as it helps me carry on nosing into all your lives now that I'm thousands of miles away.  And, if it weren't for Facebook, bunches of horrible sexist men in Saudi Arabia wouldn't be able to threaten to whip women and men who took part in or supported the pro-women driving day planned for June 17th in Saudi Arabia. Thank goodness for Mark Zuckerberg.

Don't these men understand?  If they let the women drive, they may well be moving towards being a Westernised society, but they can join the great Western pastime of slagging off women drivers.  Every cloud has a silver lining.

There's no restriction on women driving in Dubai, although I sometimes get the impression that there are plenty of male drivers who would rather I wasn't on the road.  At least, I assume that's the case as they regularly try to kill me by pulling their enormous four-wheel-drives out in front of me without a hint of a glance in my direction and try to change lanes on top of my car without using those tedious indicators so I have to move over to avoid being crushed.

Driving is pretty scary here as I have already explained at length. But I'm way too bloody minded not to do it and let the Sand Warlock be master of the automobile.  I think if I did that, I may as well turn into a ex-pat zombie and walk around with my housewife visa stapled to my forehead. 

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