Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A shorter fall

It now emerges that it was actually the 148th floor the man fell from and he landed on the 128th which is not very far in terms of the Burj but clearly enough to kill him.  It also turns out that At The Top, the viewing platform for those who make the ascent by lift up the building, was closed for a time yesterday but was due to be open today.

The Burj's owners are now also backpedaling on the "not allowed holiday" claim despite this being what the police said, and claim the man was "in a gloomy mood" after the death of his brother and his company was not going well.  He was a construction worker who had been working on the Burj  My spidey senses suggest to me that he had not been allowed compassionate leave after the death of his brother, but I could of course be wrong.

No inquests here so I imagine the truth about what happened will remain unclear.

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