Thursday, May 26, 2011

The pumps run dry

There's one thing that you would think it would be difficult for us to run out of in this country, and that's petrol, thanks to our proximity to oil supplies.

However, that does rather seem to be the case in the neighbouring, and admittedly rather peculiar, emirate of Sharjah.

What the freak is going on?

There's no clue as to the cause in the glorious PR speak quoted in the above article.  Two pronged approach indeed.  It's comforting to know that PRs spout just as much flannel in the UAE as they do in the UK. I can surmise from the story that they're experiencing high demand at a time when they're trying to upgrade their petrol stations but there's no answer as to why they're experiencing high demand.

My speculation is that petrol, along with everything else, is probably cheaper in Sharjah than it is in Dubai and there's therefore a possibility that everyone is going there to fill up since the oil prices started rising significantly thanks to the Arab Spring.

As a Brit, it still seems unbelievably cheap in Dubai because it costs us the equivalent of between £12 and £14 to fill the tank of our dad-style Toyota Corolla which is nothing compared to the £38 it used to cost us to fill up Bob the titchy Nissan Micra in the UK. Therefore, saving money on petrol is not enough of a reason to negotiate the Sharjah roads which are narrower and haven't been developed to account for the weight of traffic as they have in Dubai.  Possibly it seems worth it if you have an enormous four-wheel-drive tank to fill.

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