Monday, May 16, 2011

Getting hot hot hot

Without wishing to state the bleedin' obvious, it's getting a bit toasty here.

I got in the car with my new boss today and her car themometer said 42degrees.  I think it's fair to say that that's fairly warm.

Our new flat is in an Arabian-style building so it's fairly sensibly built to withstand the heat. We don't really notice the heat until we go outside.  Even first thing in the morning or late at night it's like stepping out into a fan heater or a warm bath, depending on whether it's humid or not. 

This isn't officially summer, according to my new boss who's lived in Dubai for 18 years.  Officially summer is June onwards when it's unbearable to be outside at all.  We're going to a "last barbecue before summer" barbecue on Friday which seems a bit arse about face doesn't it?  Needs must I suppose.  I'm defiantly going out for little walks because I think I will go mad being inside all day although I'm already getting some fairly strange looks as I stride down Emaar Boulevard on the way to Dubai Mall.

I spotted a sprinkler on some improbably green grass the other day.  I really wanted to run through it as we used to on the lawn when we were little.  (Look, you made your own entertainment in rural Nottinghamshire).  I've since learned that there's a high instance of Legionnaires Disease here so perhaps it wasn't such a great idea anyway.

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