Sunday, May 1, 2011

Desert rose

It's looking a bit sorry for itself at this point but this is the desert rose we brought back from the Friday Market.

I had a temporary brain attack in which I deleted the word "desert" from this plant's name and watered it as if it were a European plant, ie, gave it loads because the weather's hot.  Within minutes, the leaves yellowed and started to fall. 

A quick trip to Mr Internet explained that you only water it if the soil is totally powder dry and it now seems a lot happier since I adopted this regime, ie, not watering it, and has three more blooms. 

It really is a curious plant.  It is not a cactus although its leaves and stems resemble a succulent of some kind and it has a bulbous growth at the base where it stores water.  The sap is also poisonous.

I was thinking of calling this blog Desert Rose but in retrospect, I think I'm more of a witch than a rose.

In other news, a shopkeeper asked me if I was German today.  Hate it when that happens. 

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