Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Sand Witch's global news agency

Here is a story I supplied to the Guardian yesterday:

They put someone else's byline on it but that's kind of fine by me for various reasons I won't go into.  It was more for philanthropic purposes than cash and other rewards that I did the story anyway. 

I am told that they were indeed on the flight back to their homeland in the early hours of this morning (UK time) but I haven't had that confirmed. Who knows what fate truly awaits them when they land?  I don't doubt there are some who would take the "people will say anything to avoid being deported" line on this but although I've been well and truly turned over in the past on stories, I don't think I was on this occasion.

As a friend of mine who I told about the story said:  "The world is a terrible place."

1 comment:

  1. This feels like a no win situation.
    Somehow the satisfaction of "I told you so" won't compete with the alternative.
    So lets hope, just this once, you are wrong.
    luv Martin