Tuesday, April 12, 2011

milky milky

It's virtually impossible to read any guide material relating to the UAE without being told that this;

was once one of the two staples that the locals once survived on.  This was prior to oil and skyscrapers of course.  The other staple was dates.

I have wanted to try it ever since I came here. It's not for sale at European supermarkets that I've seen but sure enough, it is at the Al Maya supermarket.  The Sand Witch taste test is not yet complete but I will enthrall you with my views before long.


  1. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeew! Actually, when you consider we'll drink cow juice, goat juice, soya juice, rice juice, oat juice and any of the many choices available at the supermarket chillers and Free-From ranges... it's probably not too bad. Question - do the natives still drink it, or is it something, with increasing prosperity, they've left behind? Bit like us and pickled eggs and a bottle of stout which would have fed your average 1930's granny for a week... ?

  2. I love a good pickled egg, me. Actually that's a lie, despite loving most things pickled and vinegary, the idea of them makes me want to hurl. The very fact that camel milk is for sale makes me think that some people must drink it or they wouldn't bother. I have read that people who work with camels: racing camel trainers and the like, do drink it. I have also read that it's a pet project of Sheikh Mohammed's to get people drinking it again as a way of preserving Emirati heritage. It's less economically viable than cow's milk though as they produce nothing like the same amount of milk which may be why it fell so out of favour when the oil money came along.