Friday, April 29, 2011

Everyone else is pontificating, so why can't I?

Here is a bit of fluff I wrote for my chums at the Khaleej Times regarding some do or other that's going on at home:

With thanks to my brilliant ex-boss Sally Stevens, editor-in-chief at the Reading Chronicle for the idea.  If you are in the Berkshire area, you may have seen a rather similar story in the Midweek, possibly with a picture of me grinning inanely from a sand dune.

I am sitting in my favourite local cafe watching the whole shooting match on two wide screen TVs tuned to different news channels so there is a rather alarming stereo effect.  I had to forgo the Sherlock Holmes pub unfortunately as I need to count my beans a bit more carefully than that at the moment.

Anyway.  Happy Royal Wedding day everyone.  I hope even those of you who are staunch republicans and think it's one massive huge waste of time and money are enjoying the day off.  Life continues as normal here.  Friday is a non-working day for many anyway so you wouldn't really know it was going on apart from the occasional blast of trumpet voluntaries from people's giant flatscreen TVs through open windows.

I can see that the weather at home is just as miserable as it was for Charles and Camilla's wedding but let's face it, they have had a long and lasting union, have they not? Perhaps it's a good omen.

Toodle pip for now.

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