Thursday, April 14, 2011

Brit comes a cropper in Dubai

It's been an interesting news week here in Dubai.  This blog is really meant to be a light hearted account of our lives here with the occasional rant about the every day frustrations but I felt I couldn't really post quirky pictures of mundane Emirati happenings when this is going on: over tourist death in jail

It's been covered in a little more detail in the British press and a colleague UK side has been implying that there is probably a lot more to come on it. 

I think it's fair to say, without wishing to dance on this unfortunate man's grave in the manner of some hideous right wing columnist, that this is an extreme example of why it's a very bad idea get on the wrong side of the Dubai Police. 

Also in the news this week has been a Bangladeshi maid who took revenge on her employer, who she has accused of sexual assault, by cutting off his manhood.  The police's quoted response to it has been somewhat extraordinary.  They are both anonymous so we already know that she has accused him of raping her twice prior to the final incident when she allegedly played along with his demands before attacking him with a razor on Monday.

He has already been charged in connection with her allegations and she has been charged with "causing a disability", but what's been extraordinary are the police's immediate allegations that this man had made another woman (not his wife) pregnant prior to the incident and referring to their campaign last year in which they told people with maids that they are "human beings and should be treated that way".   They've come down squarely on the side of the maid it would appear, just days after the incident happened.   This comes from not having to worry about prejudicing the outcomes of criminal trials because there are no juries here.  Everyone is tried by judges and even judges in the UK say they are capable of ignoring speculation in the press in favour of the evidence before them.   It will be interesting to see what happens to both of them. 

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