Thursday, April 28, 2011

1001 blog hits

Well, 1,060 at the time of writing, to be precise.

We have no internet at home for various reasons that I won't bore you with so I am logging in from Dubai Mall.  Hopefully, the technician will be around on Sunday to retrain the hamsters and fill the tank up with camel dung to power up the strange goings on that seem to pass for a broadband internet system here.  After that, we will go and pay our bill into a large white egg using used 100dirham notes and it will all be fine again.

Only parts of that previous paragraph are a joke.


Just to say thanks for reading in the past couple of months and please continue to do so and tell your friends to do so if you like what you've read so far.  1,000 hits is a big milestone for me, even if it's not quite the 22,000 hits in the first hour that Facebook got, as I was repeatedly reminded in an infuriatingly oft-repeated clip of The Social Network that they just kept showing on the TV here, but still, it suggests to me that at least a couple of you are interested in my honking chat.  That's my brother's phrase.  I can't really explain precisely what it means, possibly a combination of pretentious, self-regarding and dim.  The sort of chat that stinks due its wankiness, hence "honking".  You get the general idea.

In other news, I have some work on a quarterly magazine which means I might be a bit less prolific on the blog but perhaps also less annoying to you lot toiling away in the UK than me beefing on about my life of leisure in which I have time to take a worryingly keen interest in matters relating to camels. 

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