Friday, March 11, 2011

On the road again

I now know why most people in Dubai feel able to drive as if they are blind drunk and escaping from a hurricane.  I am now fully qualified to drive any vehicle I choose on the roads in the UAE.  To become so I had to seek the permission of my husband (I know, I know) and then have an eye test which went thus:

VERY BORED OPTICIAN:  Cover your left eye, read those numbers.

SAND WITCH: 7 9 12 6 5.

VBO: Cover your right eye, read those numbers.

SW:  9 4 2 7 13

VBO:  OK, that will be 100 dirhams please, here is your certificate.

I am not joking, that is how long it took to pass the driving eye test.  To be fair, other nationalities who have less stringent driving tests than the UK have to jump through more hoops but for UK nationals, and some others I might add, we just turn up with our licence and as long as we're not suffering from sight loss, Ibrahim's your uncle, Iman's your aunt.

As with many things in the UAE, driving anything other than a taxi would appear to be reserved for the (comparitively) rich. On top of the 100AED for the eye test, there was another 410 for the driving licence itself which made the day somewhat expensive.  Can't wait to see how much they charge me to open a bank account. 

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