Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Who is this Pocari and why would I drink his/her sweat?

I've been curious to try this mysterious beverage ever since I first saw it advertised on the Emirates in flight entertainment.

It's not prominently displayed in the Western-orientated food outlets that I tend to frequent and I can see why.  It's not something that I think would appeal to your average western pallet.  The TV commercial for it is what I'm starting to think of as "very UAE".  It claims to be an isotonic energy drink and is advertised as something to drink first thing in the morning because you have become dehydrated over night rather than during or after sports.  The star of the advert is a dark haired woman who is obviously having a very active night's sleep in her bed leaping all over the place.  Alluring, you may think, but of course she is dressed in frumpy pyjamas buttoned up to her neck should you even think of getting any thoughts on that direction, thank you very much.  Dehydration is obviously a big issue here in the summer months so the makers have obviously spotted a marketing opportunity there.

I think this picture of it in a glass tells you all you need to know about what it tastes like:

It really does look like a glass of sweat.  It's got a hint of lychee juice about it with some notes of sugar and, here comes the science bit, salt.  I can't say I'm going to be a regular drinker of this nectar although perhaps during the summer I will feel the need to imbibe it for its "unique hydrating qualities".  So for the time being, Pocari, you don't need to sweat in my direction.

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