Saturday, February 19, 2011

when the going gets tough, the tough go shopping

Not to labour the point too much about how unlikely the Emiratis of Dubai are to join in pro-democracy protests, but they spent last night watching a fountain that plays tunes do its special dance and people dressed as shopping bags parading around Dubai Mall to mark the end of the shopping festival.

I have video evidence of this which I've uploaded on Facebook because blogger has some form of heart attack if I try to do it on here.

It struck all of us in the Sand Witch household last night when we were watching Sky News's coverage of Bahraini protestesers being killed that while that's going on, 300 miles away here in Dubai we're watching grown men and women dance about dressed as shopping bags and effectively saying: "The region may be falling apart but hurray! You can always go shopping! Yay! Shopping!  Buy things!"  It's a somewhat ludicrous contrast. 

Here is a somewhat blurry shot of those human shopping bags:

Dubai Shopping Festival is effectively a seven-week long January sale.  I'm reliably informed by a highly placed sources in the retail sector (oh alright, the Sand Warlock told me) that it's illegal not to have a sale in your shop during the festival.  It's a sneaky ploy to get people to still come here when the weather's not as warm.

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