Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Dorothy steps out from the storm cellar and says:

"Oh Toto

We're not in Kansas

Any more."

It's hard to photograph a sand storm, partly because I have a simple point and shoot camera rather than a fancy long lens weather eye piece of super kit, partly because it's a lot of fine grains being blown around in the air which don't exactly stay still and pose.

Nearly as hard it is to capture the sound of said sand storm with the video function of said camera, which failed miserably.

So, I lied yesterday that the dust had settled.  The wind started again last night and went on again until this afternoon.  I've been told by the Sand Warlock's colleagues that it won't last more than a week.

I've also been told that it's raining outside.  Imagine.  Rain in the desert.


  1. Hi Immo - are those solar panels in the bottom picture going around what looks like a building site?

    ps. I particularly appreciate the Dorothy from Wizard of Oz analogy, very gay! :-)

  2. Unfortunately not. You would think this entire country could be powered by solar panels but developers here don't seem to have cottoned on to that idea yet.