Friday, February 18, 2011

Bahrain FAQs

1.  How far is to Bahrain from Dubai?
It's 300 miles, less than an hour by plane. If you were to try to drive the Gulf is in the way so it would be further. As Egypt is 1,500 miles away then yes, the protests are getting closer to Dubai. 

2.  Are the pro-Democracy protests there likely to spread to Dubai?
I'll just consult my crystal ball.  Hmmmm.. Ommmmmm.  No, hang on, I don't know because I don't have one of those any more because I chucked it away for talking nonsense.  I would have thought it was extremely unlikely that there will be protests here as even though UAE is not democratic, Emiratis I have met so far seem really rather contented with their lot.

3.  Er, that, in my completely non-expert opinion, is it. 

4.  Is this to be filed under the "famous last words" category of the filing cabinet of your life?

5.  You're a journalist with nothing to do.  Why aren't you travelling to these troubled regions just a short hop away to give the lowdown from the front line?
Officially:  Because the visa people have my passport so I can't leave the country if I want to get back in.
Really:  I'm a bit scared and my mum would tell me off. 

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